Mad Manu - American Ale

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ABV: 5.2% IBU: 22 STYLE: American Ale COLOUR: Deep Gold SERVICE TEMP: 6 - 8oC GLASSWARE: OVERHOP PINT NOTES: Toasty and lightly sweet malt character. Refreshing aromas of orange zest and sweet, rich bergamot pear. To celebrate one of the kids of OverHop family, we’ve developed this classic American Blonde Ale. For that we added a single dry hop of Belma. It has notes of orange, melon, strawberry, and a hint of bergamote. TASTING NOTES: This style starts out soft and finishes with a sweet, unbaked bread or biscuit flavor. The hop component is light to medium with a smooth experience from sip to swallow. A perfect style for people interested in entering the craft beer scene. Sparkling. FOOD PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: Italian dishes with red or white sauces, sushi, falafel, hummus or a nice salad. Tomato and Mozzarella hoagie on French Bread, or Chicken Pesto on Ciabatta. All taxes and consigne of the Québec province already included in the price.